My Favorite Supplies

This page features a rotating gallery of my favorite art supplies. I love them and I know you will love them too.

I recently purchased 2 sets of the FW Acrylic Inks from Daler-Rowney. They are quickly becoming a favorite of mine because they are so vibrant and easy to use. They are definitely an investment but they can be used in a variety of different projects and they will last you quite a while.
This is a canvas panel that I covered with a few drops of ink. I used water to help them flow better and rotated the canvas board to help create the colorful streaks that you see. The surface is shiny because the inks weren't yet dry, and once they were the surface became more matte.

You can go over them with a variety of different markers, acrylic paint, pens, and other mediums. Best of all, their size makes them easy to store away on a shelf without them taking up too much space.

I ordered a set of 6 for $20 on They frequently have coupons and deals for free shipping, but shop around to ensure that you get the best price available.

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